We help build businesses.

The secret to business success is a strong foundation. Every business - regardless of its stage - has the potential to become and stay prosperous. We provide our clients with the strategy, services and software needed to strengthen their business foundation and ensure long-term success.

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Developing Your Business Processes

Starting, growing / expanding and exiting a business can be very challenging for many organizations. Each stage introduces its own unique complexities and stresses - and requires revisiting and retooling your business processes to improve efficiency and provide scalability as well as flexibility. Our consulting support services are designed to help our clients navigate the challenges of (re)designing, documenting and implementing their business processes.


Supporting Your Business Processes

Our back-office support services capabilities provide scale, redundancy and cost efficiency for our clients. The services we provide range from graphic design and desktop publishing, to legal and accounting support, to research, web development, help-desk support, call-center support, and so on. Our services can be delivered transactionally [on-demand for a fixed price], hourly [against a retainer], and under an SLA - which is a more formal, on-going contractual arrangement.


Managing Your Business Processes

We offer a cloud-based software platform for serviced-based businesses requiring scalability, flexibility and operating efficiency. At its core, our platform handles project management, outbound marketing, inbound marketing, work order management and workflows. It also offers corporate portal capabilities as well to include some CRM and HR management features appealing to businesses.We also offer a robust set of API's for integrations with other services.

Finn Johnson

Finn Johnson


Finn has been helping businesses improve their operational capabilities for over 30-years. Whether it’s people, processes or technology, Finn seeks to root-out complexity and simplify operations to the greatest extent possible; to shore up areas of weakness while reinforcing areas of strength - all with an eye towards creating maximum efficiency and driving down costs.

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Johnathan Crowe

Johnathan Crowe

Director of Operations

For over 15 years, John has helped businesses approach software and marketing challenges with strategies that reflect the latest industry trends. By following a proven process, John helps companies establish credibility, cohesion, and continuity through the clever use of design and technology.

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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair

Support Operations

Rohit has been with RunMyBusiness since 2010 and runs the back-office support services for the company at our office in Mumbai, India. Rohit has an MBA in Finance and is responsible for hiring, training and managing our personnel, as well as managing quality control.

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